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If you wish to trade players with another coach then you are free to negotiate any deal so long as the following rules are adhered to:

Squad size
Squad size must be maintained at 30 players

Inter-team trading
If you own more than 1 team you may not trade between teams.

Transfer fee
Cash payments may form part of a trade to a maximum of $1,000,000 per player.

Trade Registration Fee
Every trade will now attract a registration fee of $100,000 per trade.

Once BOTH team owners have agreed on a trade they must both send the full details to trades@playiirl.com with "IIRL: Trade" as the subject line.

All trades must be received before Tuesday Midnight AEST (1400 GMT) to be processed for that week's game.

A trade can be reversed ONLY if BOTH coaches agree to reverse the trade.

Trade Window
The trade window begins at the announcement of Round One's results and deadline is the second last week of the regular season. All trades must be completed by then.

Complicated Trades
Conditional trades and complicated requests will not be accepted. A trade request must only detail the players, teams and/or cash amounts to be swapped. You cannot both train and trade a player in the same week.

Unfair trades
If you feel you have been cheated in a trade you can make a protest to the trade commisioner.

Any trade may be disallowed if in the trade commissioner's opinion there is an attempt being made to unfairly advantage one team over another.

Player Pool

Buying/Dropping Players
Players may be purchased from the player pool. Each week during the normal season a Dutch auction will be held. Coaches may bid with money from their account balance for any player in the pool - the highest transfer fee bid will win the player, but the team must have enough salary cap space to pay the player's existing salary. Minimum bid is $100000. An injured player may NOT be dumped into the pool. Squad sizes must be maintained at 30 at all times. Therefore if you dump one player to the pool, you must pick another up.

Adding Players
Any coach can add players to the pool. Rating should be submitted to trades@playiirl.com and the ratings will be checked and adjusted if necessary. Players will be added to the pool on the Tuesday after the email is received. Only then can coaches bid on the new players.

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