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A team can earn money two ways: merchandise/ticket sales or prize money. A team uses their finances to buy, sell, trade, train and perform physio on players, so it is very important that a team tries to earn as much money as possible. A team can not go into negative finances at any time.

Merchandise and ticket sales
A club earns money from fans attending their games (ticket sales) and buying club merchandise (merchandising).

Ticket sales is based on how many people attend their match. If a team has a lot of superstars and is in good form and are playing a similarly matched team they could draw over 30,000 fans. However, if there aren't many superstars in either team the game might only get 20,000 or less.

Merchandise sales is directly linked to promotion of the game. Clubs send news articles (called IIRL Telegraph: Team Name) to the egroup promoting the game, giving injury updates, discussing rumours, giving interviews, etc.

(Please note: that you are only allowed to interview a player or coach from your own club and can not quote someone who is a member of another club - this is mis-quoting and is not allowed)

The more articles you send, the more fans who will buy your merchandise. To get an average amount of merchandise sales, you should send at least 2 or 3 articles in during the week prior to your match. To get the full amount of merchandise sales you should send at least 1 or more article per day during the week prior to your match.

A news article consists of at least 2 paragraphs and must be readable! In a neutral game, both teams will receive a 50% share of ticket and merchandise sales. Usually, the home team will get 66% and the away team will get 34%. However, it is possible that if the away team promotes the game a lot more than the home team, the away team can get more merchandise sales.

If your orders are entered incorrectly and your team loses you will receive a $100000 compensation payment.

Prize Money
Prize money is a little bit simpler in that if you write a nice news article you will receive some bonus money or if you win a pre-season competition you will receive a bonus. These differ from instance to instance and will be announced on the egroup.

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