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Reading the Form Guide

Your club and players
Your club must be based in a real life city/town and its name must reflect the location of choice. You also need to pick the team colours, mascot and coaching team. (If you adopt a club and wish to change any of the above, you will need to seek approval from the IIRL Board first.)

Your club consists of two teams, a 17 man first grade team, a 7 man reserve grade team and 6 rested players - 30 in total.

The name of your club is also the name of your first grade team, however your reserve grade team can have a different name. Like in the NRL where South Sydney's feeder club (reserve grade team) is North Sydney.

Your club has $10 million dollars to spend on your squad of 30 players. Players are rated by position, 5 different skill attributes, a form rating and a health rating and also have a salary. Form and health will change as the season progresses and your player gets better or worse. You can perform training on a player also so that they can improve. Position will be discussed more in Game Orders.

Player Ratings
Each player has 5 skill attributes, a form rating, and a health rating. Form and health will fluctuate during the season.
The 5 skills are:

Attack (ATK)
Attack is the attribute that defines how easy it is for your team to get near the other teams tryline, and then how likely it is that you will score a try once you get there.
Generally speaking you backs (1-7) should have higher attack ratings than your forwards but this will depend on the strategies you choose.

Defense (DEF)
Defense has two effects. Firstly it helps decide which team is more likely to be in possession of the ball. Secondly it defines your team?s ability to stop the other team getting good field position or scoring tries against you. Your forwards should usually have more defence points than your backs.

Strategic Kicking (KICK)
Kicking helps you gain good field position and defines your chances of scoring drop goals. Your top-rated strategic kicker will automatically be chosen for this role but your halves should also be good kickers. This rating also influences how well your team performs in kick-chase plays.

Goal Kicking (GKICK)
Defines the chances of scoring conversion and penalty goals. Your top-rated goalkicker will automatically be chosen.

Temperament (TEMP)
Temperament is a two-edged sword. A high (or disciplined) temperament will make it less likely for penalties to be awarded against you, but a low (or hot-headed) temperament will give you a big defensive bonus. Low temperament will also increase the number of handling errors your team makes.

All skills are rated 1-10 with 10 being the best. Use these skill ratings to pick your best team.

Form and Health
These are percentage values. Form appears as a number in the range 50-150 and Health as 0-10 indicating the approximate number of weeks the player will remain injured. Each week also translates as up to 10% in form reduction. For instance, a player who has an attack rating of 5, a form of 75, and health 5 will have an effective minimum attack of 5 x 0.75 x 0.5 = 1.875.
Winning teams will find that their form tends to increase, while losing teams will find their form getting lower.
Health will fluctuate, but you should rest players with low health to give them a chance to recover from injuries. Putting a player on the interchange bench does NOT rest them. There is only a one in four chance that a bench player's health will improve.
Resting a player will also reset their form to 80% if it is currently below that value.

A player's health will increase by 100 if they are suspended due to being sin-binned during a match. Their health will reduce by 100 after one week.

Squad positions
Your 30 man squad is divided as follows:
Players 1-17 : Your First Grade IIRL Premiership squad
Players 18-24 : Reserve Grade
Players 25-30: Rested players

Reserve Grade
Reserve Grade is a fully automated 7s comp. Health of reserve grade players will normally be unchanged or reduced by one week, although in some cases they may receive a minor injury. The Form of reserve grade players will tend to be higher than first grade so long as the reserve grade team is winning.
Rested players will have a guaranteed 1-week reduction in any injury they are carrying. They will also receive a form increase if their current form is less than 100.

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