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Draft & Retention

During the draft/retention process there is salary cap of $8 million. At the completion of the Pre- Season Cup final, the salary cap is raised to $10 million where it remains at that level.

Continuing clubs (and team owners) from 2010 will be able to select up to ten Players from the squad that they had at the completion of the season at no discount to their salary. The 2010 premiers will be able to retain a bonus two players.

It is of your responsibility to show that the player was at your club for at the end of 2010.

The Official Deadline for Retention is Wednesday 27th July 2011 14:00 GMT (Midnight AEST).

Retention Failure
Sides who fail to submit their Retention within this deadline will forfeit their right to retention.

Retention Rights
In such a case, the IIRL Board has the right to waive their Retention rights, or to complete their Retention.

Retention Email
Retention details for your team must be sent to draft@playiirl.com subject: IIRL Retention - Your team name

The draft is for all IIRL teams. Each team will select a player until they have 20 players in their squad.

The draft will run at a random order, with every second round having the reverse order. New teams will take part in the first 10 rounds, with all teams taking part in the second 10 rounds.

These players will come from those who have not been retained by clubs.

The deadline for the Draft is Sunday 30th July 2011 14:00 GMT (Midnight AEST).

The list must be sent to draft@playiirl.com subject: IIRL Draft - Your team name

Meat Market
At the end of the Meat Market period all teams must have 30 players and be under the $8m preliminary salary cap.

The order shall be determined at each selection, and the team with the least total salary space remaining shall pick.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 3rd August, 2011 14:00 GMT (Midnight AEST).

Failure to submit a list, will lead to the IIRL board choosing your players through this, and you shall pick last.

Loss Of Ownership
Owners who do not submit a Meat Market list are liable to be stripped of their ownership.

The list must be sent to draft@playiirl.com subject: IIRL Meat Market - Your team name

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