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Frequently Asked Questions

With a big thank you to Kevin Brock for his assistance with these questions

If you have any questions, please email the IIRL Board and we will also put them here

How does it work?

All players from the European Super League, English National Leagues 1, Australiasian National Rugby League (NRL), some players in the French championships, European Championship, New South Wales Rugby League, Queensland Rugby League, New Zealand Rugby League and other local competitions are rated in five key areas, attack, defence, kicking (tactical), goalkicking and temperament from 1 to 10.

Each team has a 27 man squad, of which they use 13 plus 4 interchange players in each game and then set attacking and defensive styles and strategies. A 7 man reserve grade game is also played using the players in your squad. There are no strategies for this game, other than choosing the 7 players.

The details are fed into an in-house simulator (RLSim) designed by Graeme Kirk for both teams and this then plays out the game move by move taking into account all of the above and producing a match report.

Can I join?

Of course. There isn’t any guarantee that teams will be available at the time, but you can always be added  to the waiting list.

Are there any prizes?

No prizes are offered in this  competition.

What does it cost to play?

There is no cost to playing the  game.

Why does the sim *still* have so many scrums won against the feed?

The sim is a complex beast and with  so many variables, there will always be anomalies within it. This is one such example, however the sim is very realistic in most other areas.

What's a sim?

The sim is the simulator used to play the games.

Who can be a coach?

Anyone can be a coach in the IIRL. All we ask is that you play the game in good fun and abide by our rules.

What’s an e-group?

The e-group (operated by Yahoo! Groups) is a means by which all coaches can send e-mails to everyone in the competition. Visitors can also read messages on there without being members. You will find the group here. You will need to be a member of the e-group if you a team owner. Please email the IIRL Board if you are not a member.

Can I see an example of a game?

An example of a game from our affilate competition European Interactive Rugby League, can be found here.

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