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Welcome to the International Interactive Rugby League Premiership Website

The International Interactive Rugby League has a new website currently in development.

The IIRL is the world's longest running fantasy rugby league community, established in 1997 by Australian Martin Lester and New Zealander Kevin Hare.

Unlike fantasy rugby league competitions run by major newspapers, the results of the games are made by a simulator, not by the results of real life matches. Players from NRL, Super League and local competitions are given ratings for their football ability and it is up to you to choose the right tactics in order to beat your opponent.

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Lester and Hare continue to head the competition with previous participants coming from Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada, United States, France, Russia, Serbia, Papua New Guinea and Lebanon.

In our latest premiership, Broughton Rangers defeating Tottenham Tigers in the grand final!

To take part in our next competition, please email board@playiirl.com with your name and team name to join the waiting list.

Also, the IIRL has affiliate competitions in Europe (EIRL) and Australasia (ASRL), the links are above.

Please note: this website is currently under construction with a more integrated website being designed. If you would like to donate to help the IIRL continue to run, please click the donate button down the bottom of the page.

To play an exciting online game of who can kick the best penalty goals, click on Penalty Goal Challenge.

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